A Night of Lustful Adventures

My three colleagues and I went out Thursday night. At first we thought of going to Jamz to enjoy some nice, relaxing jazz. It turned out that on Thursdays the band plays "golden memories" songs, so we decided to hop in somewhere else. My boss came up with the idea of going to a dangdut cafe, because she heard that it is superfun. None of us has ever been to one, but then I suddenly remember that some of my guy friends were avid visitors to "De Leila", an Arabian-like cafe, which often presents dangdut bands. So there we went.

From the very moment we stepped into the smokey bar with only blue spotlight illuminating the whole area, we knew we were, to say the least, out of place. There were practically no other visitors -- even those sitting on the couches did not seem like one! -- and the girls dancing heartily were undoubtedly hookers. But anyway, we were already there, and we were eager to know what would be next. A band came ahead, dangdut overture started, and the singer appeared, surprisingly wearing a full-clad outfit.

It took only half an hour before we decided we had enough (that already included asking the waitress how we should "conclude a business" with the hookers), and that we needed to look for something else. Some ideas were suggested, including going to Ancol for a good peeping to the "shaking cars", or to some clubs in Kota. Kota won. We couldn't find "Stadium", passed by "1001", then we proceeded to "Tanamur" in Tanah Abang. As no cars were seen parked around (which definitely means no crowds!), we had to find another place.

My boss turned to the only male in our little group. "I'd like to go to a gay bar. Do you know one?"

My friend hesitated a bit before mentioning two names: Prego and Two Face, which are not really specifically for gays, but are programming gay night on Thursdays. We went to Two Face, nicely situated behind Menara Imperium.

I had never been in a gay bar before, and I was so thrilled when we got there. It has a great ambiance, and the bunch were predominantly, well, gays. A few girls were also there, and I was relieved that the people didn't look at us as if we were spies. Instead, they were totally indifferent and busy with their own thing. I must've looked like a hillbilly, staring at male couples kissing and cuddling.

But the most exciting part was when the Go-Go Boys emerged. These are gay-version of erotic dancers, putting on mask on their faces, G-string covering only their private parts, and a see-through cloth used for ... well, I'm not so sure now, because it seemed to me it was only to accessorize these men. The men swayed their bodies in rhythm to the played song sensuously, and some girls cried out their excitement. (Now that I think of it, it was kinda funny. After all, it was GAY night, why weren't the gays yelling????). One or two of them moved closer to some customers, and did some dirty dancing, letting their bodies be explored. And I saw with my own, naked eyes, how this customer grabbed and stroked the dancer's crotch for a few minutes. I think my jaw dropped that time.

Anyway, all in all it was fun. When I told about this lustful adventure the next day, my friends were amazed and started talking with each other on when they are going to do it!


prapto said...

halo saya pelukis sorga amatir hahahaha, menakutkan juga baca posting mu yang the most exciting moment hahahhahaha

dude, thats the most horrible place i wanna be!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gw link juga blog kamu yak!

kangmasanom said...

weleh aku bukan pelukiss